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I normally don’t do serious giveaways, but I’m going to do this just one time because:

1) It’s Ringo Starr’s Birthday

2) I seriously need to get rid of these

3) There could be people who would really enjoy owning one of these bad boys

So I’m giving away these three wristbands that my mom caught when we went to the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles to celebrate Ringo Starr’s 74th birthday.  On one side, it’s got three stars in it (R***), and on the other it says “Peace and Love”.  It’s very Ringoesque as you can tell.  Ringo threw these white wristbands that my mom caught, as you can see pictured above.  Well, my mom got three extra and we don’t know what to do with it so I told her that I’m going to give it away to people on the internet so yeah.  Anyway requirements:

  • You don’t have to follow me, but it’d be nice if you did
  • Only reblogs will be considered
  • I don’t care how many times you reblog tbh so reblog away
  • You gotta have your askbox open
  • And yeah you gotta be okay with giving your address to me because how the hell will you get this?
  • I’ll try my best to ship anywhere, so anyone around the world can participate
  • I’m gonna film myself randomly selecting winners using my ti-84 and fancy random number picking shit I learned from stats so you won’t say that I’m being biased

The giveaway ends next week on July 14, 2014 at 9pm PST 

Good luck and please reblog, I’m desperate to get rid of these lmao

many will enter 3 will win

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Okay so this will probably be my FIRST and ONLY giveaway because I tend to like the shit I own, but I wanted to get rid of some things I really just didn’t want anymore.

So let me tell you how the rules will be going:

  1. Reblog as much as you desire. Likes also count
  2. Have your asks open
  3. You DO NOT have to be following me (but if you do come to my blog and see what you like, and follow, well thanks!)
  4. I’m picking the winners at random
  5. These are the only rules :D

I will ONLY be shipping in the U.S. 


Winner One:

  • Yellow Submarine 3D Poster
  • Rockstar (Four Button Set)
  • Beatles Gear
  • Time Magazine: Paul McCartney

Winner Two:

  • Beatles Unseen Archive
  • The Beatles Bottle Opener
  • Rolling Stone: George Harrison
  • A Beatles pin button

Winner Three:

  • The Rolling Stone: John Lennon
  • A Beatles pin button
  • John, Paul. George, Ringo

Winner Four:

  • KISS pin buttons
  • Rolling Stones Patch
  • The Beatles

Giveaway ends July 4th, winners will be contacted July 5th

To quote The Hunger Games: “May the odds be ever in your favor”

Why are you giving away “The Beatles Gear” book??   I hope it is because you have 2 copies of it.   If not—-you have to keep this book!  It is such an amazing resource.   If you get rid of it now, you will regret it later.  

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I think I am the only Beatle fan that will always defend Heather Mills.

I think you are. I see no reason why anybody would like her besides giving birth to Beatrice.

I read this really amazing book called ” A life in Parts” by a woman who hit…

I agree with the name calling. That’s never necessary in any situation. But I just dislike the way she bashed out at Paul during/after their divorce , accusing him of hitting her and even revealing things of their sex life (that he liked it rough or something)(if thats even true). I’ve seen interviews, read official articles from reliable sources, and, I dunno. I just dislike her for that. The only bad thing if call her is a witch. (Is that such a bad word?)

I understand.   I don’t like that stuff either.   I was on another site the past couple of nights where they are just calling her all sorts of mean names.  I just think it is time to drop it.  When they start dragging her disability into it—that is just too much.  But a “witch” is acceptable. 


John Lennon at the gates of Strawberry Field.
Note: Not Fields!

Note:  not John!


John Lennon at the gates of Strawberry Field.

Note: Not Fields!

Note:  not John!

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On the set of How I Won The War, Spain 1966. 


On the set of How I Won The War, Spain 1966. 

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