The man on the Flaming Pie

All about John Winston Ono Lennon!

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Let it be seasons 1969


Let it be seasons 1969

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John Lennon at the Cinnamon Cinder press conference in Los Angeles, 23 August 1964

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and here on the right is when john lennon invented the ice bucket challenge

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Here’s a by-the-numbers look at who lives in Ferguson, who’s in charge, who gets stopped by police, and more.

I live 20 minutes away from Ferguson (in Illinois).  And I have to say that the people of Ferguson that I have encountered when I have been shopping there are some of the nicest and helpful people.   It breaks my heart that the city is being torn apart.   I can read the statistics, but they are just numbers.  I live in the area and what I see on the news and read online totally contradicts what I have seen first hand.  

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